Err, no you don’t. Work to YOUR range. You can still load the muscle and create great intensity to your squats with parralel and under parallel squats. Just don’t be an overload bar with weight douche about it! Everyone is built different so work with your body! If your squatting ass to grass just be careful not to bounce the squats or allow form to weaken because of greater demand on the body. The pelvis can start to curl if carried out with poor form causing lower back pain and for some even knee pain. If you are happy with your deep ass squats and cause no issue and you are wicked flexible, crack on with them! A few things to try… -Struggle with squats? Box squats! Pop a box behind you and break the squat exercise down. – Standing wall angel. For those with right chest and can’t even hold the damn bar! – hamstring stretches, cos damn tight hamstrings make squatting hard. It isn’t a bad shout to get a sports massage in and just look at stretching overall from opening the hips, foam rolling tight areas and just warm up with some squat stretches. I like to stretch by imitating the squat position and pushing my hands on the floor to really stretch out all the areas needed on a squat Give it a go! For more tips find me on Instagram abi_pt  and youtube: Abi Harvey and Facebook page abi-personal training