Before fitness was always a chore, now I actually look forward to my training sessions not just for fitness but with diet too. Abi has pushed me and made me face my challenges, I couldn’t have achieved what I have without her. I am more confident in myself and my health has improved. My amazing results give me the motivation to keep going and train harder. Abi has given me so much support and guided me in the right direction. No regrets at all and excited for my future

Abi: Amy has shown an outstanding level of commitment throughout her transformation. Bringing new health habits and fitness regimes into her lifestyle was very impressive. Like many, Amy was very new to the fitness lifestyle of weight training.



Abi’s infectious enthusiasm, injections of motivation and frequent progress monitoring led to amazing results. Not only the physical transformation, as depicted but mental wellbeing, self confidence, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure control.

Abi: Alan came to me with a goal to improve his lifestyle, health and like many, reduce body fat. Alan was very focused, driven and made fantastic results all round. He had a very positive attitude throughout and transitioned very smoothly to the new lifestyle changes he made and continues to do so.



I’ve had great fun training with Abi, she has challenged & pushed me to do things I would of never have done on my own & the results speak for themselves. I am feeling fitter, stronger & leaner than I ever have!

Abi: It’s an absolute pleasure to train Tara and be a part of her journey. Tara has become very passionate for her fitness journey over the years and continues to excel in her physique and fitness goals.



I started with Abi A few months back and its been an amazing journey so far already! Abi is motivating and really does bring the best out of you! She is so bubbly which really helps! She is a superstar and cant wait for the rest of my journey to continue!

Abi:  Nicola is very committed to her fitness. Its great to be a part of her journey and watch her passion grow for the fitness life. Nicola is very encouraging and welcoming to new members and goes the extra mile to help them with exercise.



Can’t believe this but 8 weeks in…7kg lost in weight 11cm off my waist, 10cm off my hips and 5cm off my legs! Gone forever! My face literally says it all and I’m so happy with the results. Thank you so much Abi for your help and patience with me. Can’t wait to keep going after my holiday

Abi:  Caitlin’s ability to adapt to new changes with food plans and training was impeccable. Caitlin showed a high level of commitment, focus and determination and was great to see her transition not only her physique but also her passion for fitness and confidence grow.



Fitness has changed my life! It has moulded me into the best version of myself inside and out. I faced my challenges and obstacles like many along the way but through the consistency and commitment I achieved more than I thought possible! One of the best decisions I ever made was joining a gym all those years ago.